Hushpuppi was there for me when the church Abandoned me -Daddy freeze cries out

The media personality, Ifedayo Olarinde, popularly called Daddy Freeze, said he never had anything to do with Hushpuppi other than an interview which he had with him years ago when he was in Dubai on a work trip.

The controversial broadcaster, who recently said he is ready to defend himself should the FBI invite him for questioning concerning his relationship with Hushpuppi, has once again defended his infamous visit to the alleged internet fraudster’s home in Dubai in 2019.

Daddy Freeze, also explained why he ‘dined’ with alleged internet fraudster, Ramon Abbas, also known as Hushpuppi.

During an Instagram live video on Saturday which he titled “quick question and answer session,” Daddy Freeze said, “The church abandoned me in my difficult situation.”

“The love that people like Hushpuppi have shown me, if I had gotten it from a church, if the church stood by me at my trying times, would I have answered Hushpuppi when he said there was a cab to come to take me to where he was?”

Read what he said below…

“If the church stood by me in my trying times, would I even have answered Hushpuppi when he sent a cab to take me to meet him where he was…? We have built a church of God and it has become a house of Satan.

He went ahead to say that there is too much wickedness in the body of Christ. He added that though he does not condole Hushpuppi’s fraudulent activities, he still cannot deny the fact that he was a kind and loving person.


Daddy Freeze’s latest remark appears to be a deviation from his June 2020 statement wherein he claimed he never knew Hushpuppi to be a criminal but a social media influencer and that if he knew, he would not have hung out with him.

At the time, Daddy Freeze’s fans argued that he was simply cashing in on Hushpuppi’s soaring popularity and social media influence.

They also said Daddy Freeze’s visit to Hushpuppi’s mansion afforded him the perfect opportunity to increase his (Daddy Freeze’s)/YouTube rating and subscribers.

They also said because very little or nothing was known about Hushpuppi’s palatial mansion and lifestyle at the time, the visit was justified.

I’m not in any way supporting fraud. If I saw Hushpuppi tomorrow, I would tell him what you did is nonsense,” he said.

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