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Breaking: Lionel Messi says PSG is the best place for him to win UEFA Championships League again

According to Lionel Messi, Paris Saint-Germain is the “ideal” place for him to win the UEFA Champions League once again.

Recall that Argentine superstar signed a two-year contract at the French club on Tuesday, ending his 19-year spell at Barcelona.

Messi stressed that both his and his new club’s ambitions are aligned — to win the trophy that has so far eluded PSG and which Messi himself has won four times.

Read what he said below…

“I am aware of my background and the objective this club has — fighting for a while to win a Champions League, and it was close the last few years,”

“For me on a personal level, I would love to win another Champions, like I’ve said in previous years, and I think I’ve come to the ideal place that’s ready for that. We have the same goals. It’s got impressive players, one of the best squads in the world and, hopefully, we can achieve that goal which Paris wants so much, I want so much and hopefully we can enjoy it with the people of Paris too.”

Khelaifi said the deal would be of benefit not just for PSG but for the city of Paris as well as the French league from a sporting and commercial perspective, among others.

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