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Why my housemaid’s apartment is separate from main house – Actress Mosun Filani

“I still maintain my stand…. Dont leave your house/kids in care of a house maid.

Mosun Filani Oduoye, a happily married actress and mother of two, has added her two cents to the hot topic of housemaids and nannies abusing their master’s children while they are abroad, among other athrocities such as stealing.

Commenting on an Instagram post on how an house maid faked her own death to get her employer’s robbed and blackmailed, Mosun revealed she doesn’t let her maid live in the main house or even cook for her.

Read what she wrote below…

“I still maintain my stand…. Dont leave your house/kids in care of a house maid. My house maid doesn’t even cook for me at all, she has her own kitchen and apartment separately. No inconjuction at all. So kosi aiye bull shit o. ” she commented.

Away from that, BBNaija reality show star Tochi has deleted his engagement video after his fiancee made a cryptic post about clout chasing and seeking validation online at all cost.

Tochi yesterday shared a video of himself proposing marriage to his American-based girlfriend and she gave him a Yes but has made a cryptic post that probably prompted him to delete the video on social media.

According to the post Chi shared, “There’s so much more to life than the attention and validation that you seek so much from the outside world”.

Is obvious she is insinuating that her fiance Tochi is seeking validation or attention from social media.


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