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Hoodlums invade church, beat up pastor, hack member in Lagos

A 70-year-old elder in the church pleaded with them to leave him.

Pastor of a Celestial Church of Christ, Adewunmi Awotidoye, has been hospitalised after armed thugs invaded the church in the Jakande area of Lagos State.
The thugs, who were armed with guns and machetes, were said to have stormed the church on motorcycles during a service, beat up the cleric and also cut him with a machete.

Some members were said to have fled the church premises during the attack which happened on Tuesday, January 25.

According to PUNCH, an eyewitness, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said one of the hoodlums attempted to shoot Awotidoye.

She said, “He was in church coordinating a weekly programme when the hoodlums came. They were six in number; two stayed outside of the gate and two came inside. Immediately they entered the church, they asked if he was Prophet Awotidoye and he said yes.

The next thing, they grabbed him and started beating him. One wanted to use his gun on him, but one of them stopped him.

“He later requested a machete immediately he saw that the prophet took to his heels. The hoodlums chased him; he fell and they caught up with him.

They used the machete to cut him. A 70-year-old elder in the church pleaded with them to leave him.

They cautioned the man to steer clear. Nobody could get close because they were with guns. A lady who tried it was hacked along with Prophet Awotidoye. She is still in a hospital.”

PUNCH reported that there was a leadership tussle in the church.


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