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“I found out from my 14-year-old daughter that my wife has been cheating on me for 3 years” – Man bursts into tears; seeks advice

Agony has struck the life of a Nigerian man who is currently battling with the shock he received from the knowledge of his wife’s infidelity.

Seeking an advice from a Twitter influencer and netizens, the young man narrated how his 14-year-old daughter exposed his wife’s deeds.
He said his daughter told him that her mother (his wife) has been cheating on him for 3 three years, and that the first time she caught a man in bed with her mother was when she was 11 years old.

The depressed young man added that his wife had begged their daughter not to expose her deeds, but luck ran out of her the last time she spent the night outside, with their daughter bringing everything to light.

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” He runs around publicly feigning humility while privately having the self esteem of family and friends for dessert” Brymo continues to call out Tuface Idibia

Brymo has continued to call out Tuface Idibia who he said accused him of sleeping with his wife and organised thugs to beat him. Brymo took to Twitter late last night to make some allegations about Tuface and how he treated him when they met.

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Man catches wife sleeping with her male colleague in their home (video)

A dramatic scene played out after a man came back home unannounced to see his wife sleeping with her male colleague at work on their matrimonial bed.

The woman was seen on top her colleague, when her husband came in.