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He sent me ordinary 5k as transport fare to visit him, but I used the money to buy this – Lady reveals

A Nigerian lady has berated her admirer over the amount he sent to her as transport fare to visit him in Lagos from Abeokuta in Ogun state.

According to her, the guy who claims to be in love with her and wants to take care of her, sent her only N5,000 when she requested for transport fare for her Lagos trip.

She was apparently displeased with the ‘meagre’ amount and decided not to honor his invitation.


VIDEO: Lady walks away from Nigerian lover during their wedding ceremony

A lady was also heard saying in the background “church agbasala” (everything has crashed) as the lady walked out.

A Nigerian man was abandoned by his fiancée during their wedding ceremony in Bangladesh.

The couple were said to have met on Facebook, before the lady invited the Nigerian man to the South Asian country for their wedding.

The lady was heard saying “you are a very good man and you have your life together” before walking away while crying.

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Teju Babyface reveals how he was disrespected by a lady because of his young look

In a nutshell, I hope to be worthy of my endowments and the attendant responsibilities.

Nigerian comedian Olateju Oyelakin, profoundly called Teju Babyface, has recounted how he was disrespected due to his young look.

Teju Babyface said the incident occurred abouf 18 years ago whern he was driving his first exotic automobile. He narrated that a lady who he described as ‘misguided’ berated him.

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All that glitters is not gold: Lady narrates how sister narrowly escaped been used for money ritual by fiancé

They were other girls there tied, fortunately for her, she wasn’t tied. As luck would have it, her fiance and some other guys(about three of them) stepped out for further discussions and that was how she escaped and ran through a thick forest until she got to the road.
Since then, she’s yet to recover from the shock.
So many girls are tied up there and other girls will join soon.

Lady shares a near-death experience of her niece who was almost used for ritual by her prospective husband (fiance).

According to the Facebook user identified by her username as Chinwe Lilian Okafor, her niece’s fiance on the 25th of December 2021 picked the lady while claiming he was taking her to his parents.

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‘You must pay me for all the sex we had before I return your gifts’ – Lady tells boyfriend

An interesting drama played out in court after two disgruntled lovers dragged each other demanding one thing or the other after their relationship went south.

A video originally shared by social media influencer and TV host, Cindy Nkeiru Okafo shows the lady asking her boyfriend to pay her back in cash for all the s3x she had with him whilst they were dating after the guy demanded a return of all the items he gifted her.

The lady told the court judge who presided over their case that her ex-boyfriend bought her a phone, a wristwatch and a necklace and also claimed he stormed her house to collect a generator he gave her.

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Netizens reacts as lady shares disturbing video of the bathroom of man she visited for the first time (video)

A lady has taken to social media to share a disturbing video of the bathroom of a man she visited for the first time.

According to the lady, she had gone to the guy’s house to chill when she asked to use the bathroom, and what she saw made her resolve never to see him again.

In the video she shared, the bathroom looked very untidy, with yellow patches at the corners of the tiled walls and the white curtains had changed color, showing they hadn’t been washed in a while.

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Video Of Nigel Gaisie ‘In Bed’ With A Young Lady Sparks Reactions

A video of the founder and leader of Prophetic Hill Chapel, Prophet Nigel Gaisie shirtless and lying in bed with a young lady has gone viral.

It is not yet known the source or how the video reached the internet, however, the content and context of the video has led to several questions, assertions and opinions being shared by various social media users.

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Lady In Tears As 5 years Relationship Crashes A Week To Her Introduction (Video)

A lady is left in a devastating state after her five(5) years relationship ended a week to her marriage introduction.

Watch the video and some reactions below:

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“I so love Burna Boy, he’ll knack this my big Bum-bum” – Lady says (video)

An Obsessed Lady has openly professed her love for the popular singer — Burna Boy envisaging how pleasurable it will be if they finally get intimate.

In the video, the lady could be heard telling her friend who made the clip how much she loves the self-acclaimed African Giant.
She went on to demonstrate how they would make out with each other if such an opportunity ever presented itself.


Moment lady slaps boy who asked her how much she charges for a night (video)

A video which has gone viral after being shared online, captured moment a lady slapped a boy after he asked her how much she charges for a night at a social gathering.