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Dancer Zodwa Wabantu wishes she could have sex with all her male fans

Dancer Zodwa Wabantu reveals the unique gift she wishes she could give her male fans (video)

Dancer Zodwa Wabantu wishes she could have sex with all her male fans. Zodwa Wabantu put up a scandalous display during her last performance in South Africa. 

The singer, popularly known for performing without panties, positioned herself above her male fans during her performance and opened her legs, allowing her male fans to see between her thighs. She also allowed the fans dip their hands between her legs.


Veteran Actor Jide -The Judgement I passed on them was neither defending Baba Ijesha rape case nor discouraging Iyabo Ojo and Nkechi Blessing’s stance on the matter.

Veteran actor Jide Kosoko clears air on frustrating Iyabo Ojo and Nkechi Blessing out of the industry.

He has taken to social media to clarify the issues regarding the suspension of Iyabo Ojo and Nkechi Blessing from the association of moviemakers (TAMPAN) which occurred during a press briefing in Lagos on Saturday, June 26.

According to him, the judgement passed on them was neither defending Baba Ijesha rape case nor discouraging Iyabo Ojo and Nkechi Blessing’s stance on the matter.

Sharing a video, he mentioned the reason for taking such bold steps on the two actresses was the derogatory statements made that could tarnish the image of the Yoruba movie industry.

The veteran actor further explained he would never tolerate any rape incident involving any of the members. He would let the law take its course rather than playing jungle justice.

It was earlier reported that actress Iyabo Ojo has come forward to render an apology on behalf of herself and Nkechi Blessing to TAMPAN for any misconduct displayed.


Al Jama-ah’s political leader Ganiev Hendrix to request presidential pardon for Jacob Zuma.

“The Al Jama-ah political party is shocked at the decision by the Constitutional Court to send President Zuma to jail for 15 months.

Ganiev Hendrix says it will ask Justice and Correctional Services Minister, Ronald Lamola, to prepare a submission to President Cyril Ramaphosa to immediately grant former president Jacob Zuma a presidential pardon.

He also said that the Constitutional Court should have only sent Zuma to jail if it was an unanimous decision.

The majority decision of the ConCourt was for Zuma to serve 15 months in prison for defying the court’s order for him to appear before the State Capture Commission of Inquiry.

In the minority judgment, two of the Constitutional Court judges, Leona Theron and Chris Jafta, wanted Zuma to be given a suspended sentence. Hendricks says Al Jama-ah is disappointed and says this was not a criminal matter.

While different political parties and society will have different views,- we feel it was important (that) the Constitutional Court should only have done that if it was a unanimous decision. And every member of the Constitutional Court has the same standing and so the principle of majority of one should certainly apply,” he says.

Hendricks believes that Constitutional Court judges should have deliberated further on the matter due to Theron and Jafta’s position.

“When the other members of the Constitutional Court became aware of a minority position,- they should have continued to deliberate on the matter because that decision of the Constitutional Court may send the country into chaos. And Al Jama-ah feels that in view of the fact that even the Public Protector feels that it was not the right thing to do, – that the next step (by Al Jama-ah) is to ask the Minister of Justice to prepare a submission to the President to grant President Zuma a pardon with immediate effect,” he adds.

He says, however, conditions should be applied in the matter, including that the former president makes a full and proper disclosure of the details of all personalities involved in corruption during his administration, as well as provide a full disclosure of what happened to the proceeds of the corruption and where such proceeds are to be found.

Hendriks says he hopes that president Ramaphosa will consider the party’s submission for Zuma’s pardon.


“I was home when they attacked my home”- Sunday Igboho speaks

Yoruba activist, Sunday Adeyemo popular known as Sunday Igboho has explained how his Ibadan residence was attacked by men he claimed to be military personnel in the early hours of today July 1.

In an interview with BBC Yoruba, Igboho said

“I just heard plenty bullet in my compound and gunshot in front of my house. They were shouting Sunday Igboho come out, we are DSS, we are soldiers, come out!

So I peeped through the window, and I saw them in DSS uniform and soldiers so I was surprised because I didn’t kill anyone nor fight with anybody, what I’m doing is to fight for me people.

All the rally I’m doing is a peaceful rally, so I’m fighting for my family too because all the bandits killed my family, raped them kidnapped them and take ransom from them.

Government refused to do the right thing, that’s why I came out to support my family to fight for our right. So I was surprised.

Yes, I was in the house when they came. They killed about two guys. The shooting was too much. They destroyed all my properties, all my vehicles.”he said



Elsa van der Venter has been cleared of COVID but is still receiving oxygen therapy at a Bloemfontein hospital, while her parents succumbed to the virus.

As the COVID-19 third wave sweeps across the country, those whose lives have been wrecked by the virus are pleading with South Africans to do everything they can to protect themselves.

Dozens of people are dying with the disease every day and thousands more are testing positive.

Among those who’ve tested positive is 26-year-old Elsa van de Venter who recently lost both her parents to COVID and was herself struck down by the virus

Van der Venter has been cleared of COVID but is still receiving oxygen therapy at a Bloemfontein hospital.

From her hospital bed, Van der Venter explains how her mother succumbed to COVID-19 on 13 June.

At the time, her father was already in hospital fighting the disease and then the young woman herself was admitted to the same intensive care unit as her father. He didn’t make it.

“He lay two beds away from me. I never saw him, I never got to say goodbye, I never got to take his hand and be with him… that is a very emotional thing for me.”

Van der Venter father passed away just three days after her mother lost her battle to COVID related complications.

She is urging people to be safe and to keep COVID-19 safety protocols top of mind.

The third wave isn’t a joke. It is something you can’t play with; it strikes near our hearts and near our houses now and I say keep your people safe. If you go to town, if you go and buy your groceries, one person must go and sanitise everything.”

With her having to focus on her own health and recovery, she said she still had to deal with how drastically her life had changed over the past few weeks.

I haven’t really processed my parents passing away. I think that will get real if I’m at home.”

South Africa is in the grips of the worst wave of the virus and medical facilities are buckling under enormous pressure.