Baba Ijesha: “I am ashamed of you”- Princess blasts Iya Rainbow.

Comedienne, Princess, has come out to blast veteran actress, Iya Rainbow, over her recent interview with BBC Yoruba.

Iya Rainbow in her interview said she reached out to Princess to drop the case against Baba Ijesha but she refused. In her interview, Iya Rainbow said affter everything, Baba Ijesha has now been released on bail.

Princess saw the interview and has now reacted. Describing Iya Rainbow as an irresponsible mother, a visibly angry Princess said she is ashamed of the veteran actress for her comment.

”Mama Rainbow, I am ashamed of you. You are not a good mother. I regret I ever respected you. I regret that I ever saw you as a mother and grandmother. 

You said you called for four days and that I did not answer you and that now they have released him.

For your information, you called me just once, telling me that I should go and release him. You were instructing me and I never disrespected you. I even took my time to explain to you. You told me that Baba Ijesha called you to help him beg me that he has offended me. I then asked you if he told you what he did and you said no he didn’t.

I then explained to you that this is what he did and you were shaking on the phone in shock. You pleaded with me to send my house address to you. On the third day, you called me saying what I disclosed to you really hurt you and that you could tell I wasn’t okay, that I was crying and I wasn’t myself. You now asked for my house address so you would come and see me. I sent you the address, you never came. You didn’t come because it didn’t affect you. You felt like I wasn’t your child. You gave birth to your own children, Mama Rainbow! When your child had issues with his Instagram page, I saw how you came out to plead. That was your child. You know how to take care of your own child but because I am another person’s child, you called me and was telling to go and release a person who was in police custody for a crime. 

I was crying that day. I wasn’t happy. I explained everything to you. You were now pretending like you were a good mother. Have you come to see me since then? Have you called me since them to even check up on me? You are now saying while in court I was looking for a way to sneak out? You are an elder. What your eyes did not see you are not supposed to say it.

You can just imagine. Mama Rainbow that I held in high esteem. If I was your child or the victim was your child, would you have done that? 

I did not expect this from you at all. You came and you were so insensitive to say you called me and were pleading for the case not to be escalated.

How can you say such a thing. Don’t ever! Anything that concerns me please just stay away from it because I used to respect you up until this evening. It is a shame.

If I was your child, would you come to me and say I should go and release somebody that is in police custody for a crime they are investigating? and then you go online to start saying I wanted to sneak out(of the court). Were you there? Were you with me when I was in court? 

Who are you Mama Rainbow? You are supposed to be a role model, a grandmother, a strong christian?  I am ashamed of you that you can come for me in that way at your age. Are you praying for this to happen to your children or your children’s children?  If this happened to you, would you handle it this way? Must you talk Mama Rainbow.

How can you? You are an elderly woman. You should know better.You collected my home address. For what? To be sharing it among people. To be gossiping behind my back. I never said a word. Then you went online  to go and say it again. Do you think I am afraid of you? Mama Rainbow! You are not worthy of the respect I gave to you. I Princess Oluwadamilola will stand for my child till the end. I will stand for all the other victims. I will stand for any body that has been molested or defiled. You Mama Rainbow, what do you stand for? ” she said angrily .

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What is respiration?

If you have being looking for a website where you can get all the biology questions and answers then look no further because we are here to help you.

A respiration: is the process by which living things breakdown of food nutrients/organic substances to release energy for metabolic activities of the body, with or without the use of oxygen.

Respiratory System Diagram

There are two types of cellular respiration Aerobic and Anaerobic respiration

What is Aerobic respiration?

Aerobic respiration takes place in the mitochondria and requires oxygen and glucose, it produces carbon dioxide, water and energy.

What is Anaerobic respiration?

Anaerobic respiration is the term by which glucose breaks down without oxygen. The Chemical reaction transfers energy from glucose to cell. It produces lactic acid, rather than carbon dioxide and water.

Let’s look at the difference between Aerobic respiration and Anaerobic respiration.

(1) Aerobic respiration takes place in the presence of oxygen; whereas Anaerobic respiration takes place in the absence of oxygen.

(2) Aerobic respiration releases more energy than Anaerobic respiration.

(3) Carbon dioxide and water are the end products of Aerobic respiration while alcohol is the end product of Anaerobic respiration.

Now let’s take a look at the similarities between Aerobic respiration and Anaerobic respiration.

(1) Food is oxidized in both cases and energy is released.

(2) They both use glucose as the starting point. This is called the substrate.

(3) Both aerobic respiration and anaerobic respiration produces ATP, however, aerobic respiration produces a lot more ATP compared to anaerobic respiration.

The two types of respiration in humans are:

(1) External Respiration:
(2) Internal Respiration

(A) External Respiration, that involves the inhalation and exhalation of gases

(B) Internal Respiration, that involves the exchange of gases between blood and body cells.